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Carbon Fiber Flywheel Technology for Power Quality Applications

Date: Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Location: SRP Information Services Building (ISB), 1600 N Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

Speaker: Mike Lasky, Pentadyne Power

Topic: "Carbon Fiber Flywheel Technology for Power Quality Applications"

Come see an alternative form of power back up using “carbon fiber” flywheel technology. Carbon Fiber Flywheel systems are used to back up Casinos, Hospitals, Data Centers, Broadcasting Studio as well as many other types of critical load environments. Carbon fiber is the most advanced material being used in flywheels today. As a result, flywheels can now take advantage of speed to significantly reduce the size and weight of the flywheel and eliminate high maintenance mechanical bearings, traditionally found in rotary UPS and steel flywheels, thus eliminating maintenance associated to the rotating mass. When compared to batteries, flywheels offer higher reliability, less maintenance, lower life cycle cost, no hazardous materials and a known state of charge. When flywheels are used with batteries, they preserve the battery by providing the energy required for short outages, voltage fluctuations and when exercising generators. This presentation specifically focuses on carbon fiber flywheel technology and how they are used within power quality applications.

Speaker Bio:
Mike Lasky received an electrical engineering degree from Cal Poly Pomona and an MBA from Pepperdine University. He as over 16 years experience within the Power Quality industry; working for two of the major UPS manufacturers. He has held several functional position including various roles in engineering, application engineering, Sr. Product Manager Director of marketing, Director of Business development, National Sales manager and most recently as Director of Sales for Pentadyne Corporation.