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Click here or here for a map to the APQA meeting location: SRP's ISB facility.

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Date: Thursday, May 27th, 2004

Topic: "Case Studies 2004"

Location: SRP Information Services Building (ISB), 1600 N Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

Case studies from APQA members.

Case Study 1 -
Topic: Power Quality in a High-Volume Manufacturing Plant
Speaker: Salman Sabbah, SRP
Biography: Salman Sabbah. P.E is a senior electrical engineer at SRP. Prior to joining SRP, Salman was responsible for design, construction and operation, power quality & reliability of semiconductor factories at Intel for 22 years. Before joining Intel Salman was employed at another semi-conductor factory in Salt Lake City, Utah for 2 years, responsible for electrical system design, power quality, sustaining and operation of electrical system. Prior to Semi-conductor factory experience, Salman worked as a consulting engineer, designing commercial and industrial power system. Salman received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1983. University of Utah, and a Master of Science 1988, Brigham Young University. Registered & Licensed as professional Electrical Engineer, State of Utah. He is IEEE Senior member.

Case Study 2 -
Topic: Those Baffling Power Quality Problems Could Be Sabotage
Speaker: Dr. Michael Stringfellow, PowerCET
Biography: Prior to joining PowerCET, Dr. Stringfellow held the positions of Chief Scientist and Director of Research for EFI Corporation. Other experiences include 9 years with the Electric Supply Commission (Eskom) in South Africa, and work with Kearney National and Atlantic Scientific Corporation. His research has focused on lightning surges and their impact on commercial and industrial facilities, and utility transmission and distribution systems. Dr. Stringfellow has published numerous articles and research papers during his distinguished career. He is a member of IEEE and is an active member on several committees. He earned a B.S. Honors Degree in Physics from the University of London and his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Electricity from University of Durham.

Case Study 3 -
Topic: Transient Voltages at a Water Treatment Plant
Speaker: Michael Chandler, SRP
Biography: Mike Chandler has worked in SRP's Power Quality Services (PQS) for twelve years. During his tenure as a Power Quality Specialist he has participated in numerous customer site power quality investigations. PQS helps SRP's customers resolve beyond the meter equipment operation issues. This service is one of the catalysis that helped SRP win fourteen JD Power Awards for Excellent Customer Service.