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Equipment Interference

Date: Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Location: SRP Information Services Building (ISB), 1600 N Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

Speaker: Dennis Reisinger, Dennis Reisinger Consulting

Topic: "Equipment Interference"

This presentation explores causes and solutions to electrical and electronic equipment interference from electromagnetic sources. This type of interference to electrical equipment could be considered a power quality issue but from interference through the air instead of through electrical wiring. Through case studies and technical supporting information we will better understand the various sources of electromagnetic interference and how to mitigate this type of interference. This knowledge is a valuable tool for facility managers and others responsible for design, maintenance or operation of critical facilities.

Speaker Bio:
Mr. Dennis Reisinger is the owner of Dennis Reisinger Consulting and is representing Electrical Reliability Services (ERS) and Field Management Services (FMS). His responsibilities include, EMF training for ERS field engineers and sales people, technical consulting for EMF work, energy management/auditing services, and electric utility maintenance practices. Mr. Reisinger has a BS-Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a registered professional Electrical Engineer in California. Professional affiliations include: Senior Member in Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, past chairman of the Engineering in the Safety and Maintenance of Lines Subcommittee in T&D, and a member in the Bioelectromagnetics Society. Mr. Reisinger has co-authored several technical papers in IEEE and presented research results to the Bioelectromagnetics Society.