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APQA Corporate Memberships

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Corporate memberships help APQA cover meeting costs and allow us to provide quality speakers on a monthly basis. They are available for an annual fee of $200. Companies with multiple APQA members are encouraged to submit a corporate membership form. Corporate members also have the option of having their company's logo and a link to their web site placed on APQA's web site.

Included in the corporate membership fee is an individual membership for up to four employees. There are two ways to become a corporate member: you can pay online or via cash/check. To pay online, you must be logged with your username and password and then follow this link

To pay check or cash, please fill out the APQA Corporate Membership Form (Download Form) and either mail in the payment with the form or you can pay in person at any APQA meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the APQA officers.

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