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Energy Efficiency Under Nonlinear Loads

Date: Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Location: SRP Information Services Building (ISB), 1600 N Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

Speakers: Jarrod Dobbs, Power Quality International ; Jeffrey Turner, Power Quality International

Topic: "Energy Efficiency Under Nonlinear Loads"

During this informative live interactive video presentation, members of the PQI team will join the presentation via video from their technology lab in Tampa, Florida, hosted in Phoenix by PQI's Director of Sales, Jarrod Dobbs.

The discussion will focus on the latest technology that in addition to conventional power and harmonic measurements, measures a transformer's Excitation Losses and Load Losses then calculates its Energy Efficiency, under linear or any nonlinear load condition. This electronic measuring instrument is based on the 'Voltage and Current Difference, Loss Measurement Method', which has been discussed in a number of recent IEEE papers.

Speaker Bios:
Jarrod Dobbs:
As Director of Sales, Jarrod assists the PQI national rep organization secure bib/spec new construction business as well as helps coordinates retro-fit opportunities around the U.S.

In addition to his help and coordination of the PQI Rep organization, Jarrod is continually analyzing new industry technology trends and how they apply to Energy Management, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Power Manufacturing, as well as Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy. Jarrod is also meeting with a number of utilities around the U.S. gaining support for energy efficiency rebates for the PQI ultra-efficient transformers.

Jarrod also studies new, existing, and emerging legislation relating to the Energy Sector and how it could affect the sales performance of the organization - another great fit for PQI!

In addition to helping PQI Representatives assist clients with sales support, Jarrod travels to provide a PQI presence at conferences, exhibitions and client presentations.

Jeffrey Turner:
Jeff is a graduate of the University of Louisville where he obtained his Bachelor of Engineering Science and Master of Engineering degrees with concentration in Electrical Engineering. Jeff is a licensed Professional Engineer in thirteen states as well as a Licensed Master Electrician. Jeff is a member of IEEE, ASHE, NFPA, and IAEI.

Jeff's seventeen years of combined experience in manufacturing, utility, contracting, and consulting has helped shape his electrical system design focus on safety, affordability, efficiency and expansion capability. Jeff will be a featured presenter on the PQI Video Communications Network, sharing an array of presentations.