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Click here or here for a map to the APQA meeting location: SRP's ISB facility.

Click here for a picture of SRP's ISB facility.

Date: Thursday, May 23rd, 2002

Topic: "A Selection of PQ Case Studies"

Location: SRP Information Services Building (ISB), 1600 N Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

APQA members present case studies.

Case Study 1 -
Topic: EMI from Variable Speed Drives
Speaker: Chris Weathers, APS
Biography: Chris Weathers worked for General Electric for ten years, with field engineering assignments in New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas. He worked on industrial and utility power systems. Chris left General Electric in 1978 to take a position as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology at the University of Pittsburgh. He taught rotating machine, power system analysis, and control system technology courses for four years. From the University of Pittsburgh he went to Cornell University as Manager of the Electrical Department of Facility Engineering. Chris has been at Arizona Public Service since 1985. He has been project engineer and manager of several high voltage substation projects, including a 230kV Gas Insulated Substation. In recent years he has been working directly with APS' industrial and commercial customers on motors, drives, generator, transmission service, and power quality issues.

Case Study 2 -
Topic: The Importance of Equi-Potential Grounding
Speaker: Bill Russell, SRP
Biography: Bill Russell is an electrical engineer in the Power Quality Services group at SRP, a utility serving the metropolitan Phoenix area. Bill performs power quality studies and investigations for disturbance-sensitive customers. He also instructs courses such as Grounding and Bonding for Safety and Performance, Power Quality for Electricians and Technicians, Understanding Power Factor, Harmonics, and Power Quality for Small Businesses. Prior to joining SRP, Bill worked as a consulting engineer for Power Quality Engineering where he conducted power quality studies and designed mitigation solutions. He also spent 21 years working in the field of electronics and avionics. In this capacity, Bill designed and developed radar systems as well as supervised teams throughout the world on various airframes such as the SR-71 and RF-4C. Bill received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Northrop University in Southern California and is currently a member of the Arizona Power Quality Association.

Case Study 3 -
Topic: Distribution Power Quality 101
Speaker: Dan Goodrich, SRP
Biography: Dan Goodrich is a Supervisor in SRP's Electric System Operations group. Prior to working in SRP's system operations group, Dan led SRP's Y2K compliance and testing program. Dan has also held positions in system protection and system planning. Dan graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S.E degree in Electrical Engineering.

Case Study 4 -
Topic: Circuit Breakers Tripping on High Efficiency Motor Inrush
Speaker: Scott Anderson, SRP
Biography: Scott Anderson is the manager of SRP's Power Quality group. Scott holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Engineering & Management and Electrical & Electronics Engineering from North Dakota State. Prior to joining SRP, Scott worked in Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector as a Facilities Staff Engineer. Scott is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Arizona.

Case Study 5 -
Topic: PQ tall tales
Speaker: Dr. Michael Stringfellow, PowerCET
Biography: Prior to joining PowerCET, Dr. Stringfellow held the positions of Chief Scientist and Director of Research for EFI Corporation. Other experiences include 9 years with the Electric Supply Commission (Eskom) in South Africa, and work with Kearney National and Atlantic Scientific Corporation. His research has focused on lightning surges and their impact on commercial and industrial facilities, and utility transmission and distribution systems. Dr. Stringfellow has published numerous articles and research papers during his distinguished career. He is a member of IEEE and is an active member on several committees. He earned a B.S. Honors Degree in Physics from the University of London and his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Electricity from University of Durham.