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Click here or here for a map to the APQA meeting location: SRP's ISB facility.

Click here for a picture of SRP's ISB facility.

Date: Thursday, April 24th, 2003

Topic: "A Selection of PQ Case Studies"

Location: SRP Information Services Building (ISB), 1600 N Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

Five guest speakers will be providing a selection of PQ case studies.

Case Study 1 -
Topic: An X10 Interference Problem
Speaker: Bryan Gernet, APS
Biography: Graduated in 1977 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Worked in the nuclear industry as a Control and Instrumentation Engineer in South Africa, France and at Palo Verde. Have worked for APS going on 29 years in various capacities including Power Quality and Interconnection (for 25 years).

Case Study 2 -
Topic: Facility Grounding
Speaker: Ed Weiss, Applied Power Quality Solutions, LLC
Biography: Ed Weiss has been a power quality consultant since 1986. Working for Prime Computer (Natick, MA), he developed and managed that company's power quality value added services program. In that role he was responsible for the education and professional development of more than one hundred power quality specialists in eighteen countries. Working in a variety of business sectors, Mr. Weiss has solved complex power quality and operating environment problems for a variety of companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia. For the past twenty years, Mr. Weiss has focused his attention on power quality problems affecting the medical industry; particularly in imaging, radiology, oncology and neurology. From 1991 through 2003, Mr. Weiss was Vice President of Power Quality Engineering (Phoenix, AZ) and in July 2003, formed Applied Power Quality Solutions, LLC (Scottsdale, AZ) which provides power quality products and services to hospitals throughout the US. In 2005 APQS introduced the Rad-X Medical Power Filtration System (Rad-X Filter). This unique product is manufactured exclusively for application on high-end X-ray and Magnet based medical systems. Mr. Weiss is a published author and a popular speaker in his field, and has written technical procedures and standards for power quality, and evaluated products of all description for implementation by high-tech users in this country and abroad. Mr. Weiss is a co-holder of two patents. US Patent Number 4,998,067 Portable test apparatus for low current circuit breakers. US Patent Number 5,535,087 Circuit for reducing the effects of transient events on electronic equipment. Professional Organization Affiliations: IEEE Associate Member Central Arizona Society for Healthcare Engineering (CASHE) Associate Member Arizona Power Quality Association (APQA) Founding Member and Former President Arizona Electric League (AEL) Power Quality Instructor for the Building Operators Program

Case Study 3 -
Topic: Voltage Sag Immunity
Speaker: Yves Allard, Freescale
Biography: Yves Allard is a Principal Facilities Electrical Engineer at the MOS 12 site of Freescale Semiconductor in Chandler, Arizona. He provides support to the factory and lab operations that rely on electric power distribution and conditioning, automatic process control and monitoring of plant utilities and fit-up and hook-up of production equipment. Yves provides design and engineering for facility equipment installation and replacement, as well as support for construction, start-up, operation and maintenance. Various power quality challenges at the site call for investigation and determination of the best possible solution. Yves has been at Freescale Semiconductor, formerly the Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, since 1997. Before that, he worked as a Lead Controls Engineer for a number of Systems Integration Companies. Yves has a B.Sc. from the University of Wisconsin in Environmental Science and Applied Science/Electrical Engineering and is registered as a Professional Engineer in the state of Arizona.

Case Study 4 -
Topic: Medium Voltage Cable Failure
Speaker: Skip Hicks, Industrial Motor Control
Biography: C. A. (Skip) Hicks is the Power Services Manager for Industrial Motor and Control, Inc. He has over 24 years engineering, field service, training and management experience in the Power Industry. He has personally provided training programs to over 8,000 participants on electrical safety, field-testing, predictive/preventive maintenance and codes/standards relating to electrical power distribution systems. He is a regular speaker at several events including the National Safety Conference, and Plant Engineering Shows throughout the country.

Case Study 5 -
Topic: PQ in a Server Room
Speaker: Kevin Kittredge, SRP
Biography: Kevin has worked for the SRP Power Quality group since August of 2000. He graduated from Arizona State University in May of 2003 with a B.S.E. degree in Electrical Engineering. Currently, Kevin is an Engineer in the SRP Power Quality group.